About Us

     Foshan ZhuoTe Hardware Products Co,.Ltd located in Foshan City Nanhai District Lishui Town, adjacent to Guangzhou City, with superior geographical environment and convenient transportation.
     Is a professional enterprise of R&D and Fabrication for supply all kinds of cabinet & furniture handles and hardware accessories.
     Through 12 years development.ZhuoTe has outstanding advantages in technology,fabrication strength,quality management and sales strategy.
     We grateful to  our customers,Is your strong support us,To let everyone known 
ZhuoTe ‘s development rapidly.
     As a manufacture,12 years production experience collected and summarized, ZhuoTe from a small workshop growing up to 20,000 square meters manufactory, more than 500 employees,has its own independent electroplating factory and completely production workshops.
     The entire production process from Raw material cutting,Die-casting,Drilling,Tapping ,
Polishing,Grinding,Plating ,Inspection,Packaging and Export as a dragon operation compeleted among our own sites.
     From purchase raw material to the inspection for delivery,In order to make a further improvement  production efficiency and product quality, Each process have a strict quality control by ZhuoTe.


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